Placing fire prevention on the agenda

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association is an independent, non-profit foundation that works to achieve no loss of life, health and values caused by fire. By providing information, training, certification and counselling, we assist individuals, businesses and organisations to take responsibility for their own fire safety.

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association has undertaken this social responsibility since 1923. The organisation was established on the initiative of the insurance industry and the public authorities. It was founded because of a realisation that fires resulting in the loss of life and property had become a major social problem.

Our vision: No loss of life, health and values caused by fire.

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association has the following objectives:
» To be an important provider of knowledge and information about fire prevention in Norway.
» To be an active and independent promoter of fire safety work.
» To be a professionally innovative and preferred partner for the authorities, industry and the society.

Knowledge is the key
Knowledge about fire prevention helps to save lives and property. The Norwegian Fire Protection Association’s most important task, therefore, is to provide information about why fires occur and what you and I can do to prevent them.

In cooperation with the insurance industry and the public authorities, we carry out awareness campaigns and initiatives to change attitudes directed at the general public and various professions in the private and public sectors. We have developed information material for kindergartens, schools, homeowners, health institutions, hotels and guesthouses.

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association conducts courses for public and private enterprises nationwide. We administer a number of certification systems from insurance companies and authorities. We publish Brann & Sikkerhet (“Fire & Safety”), the country’s most important publication in the field. We also publish legislation, regulations and specialist literature in the areas of fire-related technology and HES.

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association has a research group with specialised knowledge of fires, that provides counselling and analysis for public and private enterprises. Our consultants also provide counselling via a separate answering service for the public. Through our subsidiary, Kontroll & Rådgivning (“Inspection & Counselling”), we provide inspection of sprinkler systems and fire alarm devices throughout the country.

Active in many forums
The Norwegian Fire Protection Association is active in many different forums in order to influence society and increase fire safety. Among other things, we are consulted by the country’s political authorities for amendments to legislation and regulations in the area of fire prevention. We are represented on public councils and committees and we have produced reports on fire-related issues for various departments.

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association also participates in establishing new forums for fire prevention cooperation. Through alliances with several research groups, we organise a number of secretariats and cooperation projects. We also participate in fire prevention work internationally and we have extensive contact with sister organisations around the world.

As an independent foundation with an ideal purpose, we have a chance to act as a ’watchdog’ and take preventive action in the field of fire and safety. We carry out independent studies to identify fire risks in different areas of society. Where fire hazards are identified, we propose measures that can reduce the threat to lives and property.

Member of CFPA Europe
Norwegian Fire Protection Association is a member of the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations, CFPA Europe.

How to contact
Norwegian Fire Protection Association
Ensjøveien 16
Pb. 6754 Etterstad
N-0609 Oslo

Telephone: +47 23 15 71 00

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